Hiring several boats and tying them together once moored is a great way to get larger groups out together for a major event on the water, we now have the capacity to host for up to 500 guests on our own vessels, and can bring in extra boats for super- sized events. Extra planning and attention to detail and safety needs to be incorporated into any event with large numbers of guests, and typically we will need to provide specific safety and security staff, and your event will need to receive an occasional liquor license (cost of $50, allow 2-3 weeks for approval) if you plan on either selling drinks or including alcohol in the ticket price. Our raft ups are typically held in relatively secluded spots in order to avoid noise issues with other boaters and nearby residents, either inside the Swan River or at a quiet bay around one of our offshore islands.

Raft-ups can be used to promote or celebrate any kind of an event (last year several guests used multiple boats for their birthday parties!). To accommodate patron numbers in excess of 100 guests the cost is around $45 – $55 per person for the boat charter depending on the date required, and typically the events last 7hrs jetty – jetty.

When it comes to providing the best suited boats and hardware, safety and security back-up, and overall event planning, we are the most experienced and professional raft up operators in town, running more events than any other Perth charter company, including all the MAIKO, Bartenderz, RED BULL Float Parties, Court Hotel, Circa, Grooveryders, Industry Only, Alpha 6, Boxing Day and POUND EVENTS parties.

Industry Only Raft-up
Vessels Marine 1 and Ceto (120 pax)

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