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We send a very informative and detailed Cruise info sheet to everybody that enquires about one of our trips, if you haven’t seen one yet let us know and we’ll get it straight to you. Most of the other details are covered by the FAQ below, but if there is anything else you want to know just give us a call on 0425 123451 or drop us an email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Where can our group depart from?

You have a range of jetties to choose from, typically we do not charge any extra for any jetty unless our schedule requires a long transit between two different charters. You can start and finish at any of the below jetties (please click for map):

In addition to those above other departure locations may also be available, please call us to discuss.

Can we smoke on your boatst?
Yes, you can smoke on all of our charter boats on the rear dive platforms while the boat is at anchor. Smoking is not permitted within the vessels interior or back decks. Please ensure you use the butt bins provided.

Is there a certain type of footwear we should wear?
Casual soft shoes are best, but guests often come dressed to go out after the cruise so any kind of footwear is OK. On day trips most people will shed their shoes once they are on-board. High heels are fine but should be removed before going upstairs to the club deck and sunbeds on Nautica and Marine 1 & 2.

Can we have 1 or 2 extra passengers than the maximum passenger number?
Boats are licensed to carry a certain number of passengers and under no circumstances allowed to go over this maximum number. We can however add your waitresses, performers or DJ’s as staff providing sufficient crew capacity allows, so you generally won’t need to include them in the total passenger numbers.

How do I make a booking?
Contact us or send us a online quotation and specify that you want to book. We will chat with you to run through all of the details of your booking. To secure the reservation a $500 deposit if payable within 3 days of making your booking. Get your deposit in as quick as you can, all our boats are in very high demand over spring and summer especially, and we cannot hold dates after the 48hr deposit due period.

Are there any conditions to booking?
Yes, terms & conditions are in the information sheets sent to you after making an enquiry.

Is there a bond payable?
Yes - bucks and birthday parties, open ticketed events, and some other style of functions will attract a bond. The bond will be refunded after the vessel has been inspected, and we can take a hold over a credit card rather than you needing to organize a cash payment.

Does your fleet have toilets onboard?
All our boats have toilets, Marine 1 has separate girls and guys toilets, plus extra crew toilets.

Can you arrange alcoholic beverages for us?
Save yourself the hassle of lugging it down dragging it to the boat! Claremont Cellars offers an exceptional service with bottle shop prices and will deliver free of charge. You can order any type of beverages, ice, softdrinks, and redbull. The crew will load it up and make sure everything is nice and cold the minute you board! Call Glen on 0411 150 793

Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages?
You can bring BYO drinks on all of our boats.

Do we need to bring ice and glasses?
Yes please, Coles has very cheap plastic cups and wine glasses that can be disposed of at the end of the cruise. For ice 10 - 15 bags will be sufficient for groups under 40, on a full boat on Marine 1 please bring 20 bags.

Do we need to bring an esky?
No all the boats have several iceboxes on-board. You won't need to bring any additional eskies.

Can you help us organise food and catering?
Yes, we offer a basic BBQ for just $15 per head, a gourmet BBQ for $19 per head, up to full buffet and seafood banquets for $50 and over per person. Talk to us about catering to suit any kind of a budget.

Can we bring our own food?
You are more than welcome to organise your own food and we'll be happy to assist you in its preparation - please note however we cannot cook for very large groups alone and will need some help.

If we organise our own food, do we have to bring plates and cutlery?
Yes please be self sufficient for all items same as if you were going to a BBQ in your local park or in your own home. Disposable plates and cutlery are cheap and easy, and available from any major supermarket.

If we organise our own catering what other things do we need to bring?
You should bring condiments and anything you would need at a normal everyday BBQ or lunch - ie tomato sauce, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and napkins.

Is there a BBQ on board all of your fleet?
There is a fantastic Tepinkayi Grill on board Nautica, and big stainless steel BBQ’s on all other boats. All boats have plenty of cooking utensils. Dont forget to bring some cooking oil.

Do we have to get rid of the rubbish at the end of the cruise?
No, there are bins on board to place your rubbish in throughout the cruise. We will handle the rubbish removal off the boat at the end of your cruise.

Can you supply hire equipment or entertainment?

We can arrange all extra equipment required to ensure your cruise is to your satisfaction. Many of our trips come with DJ/MC supplied, but if you want additional acts and or equipment like projectors just let us know, we carry a full range of gear and know all the best acts in town good to book for a boat trip.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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